Welcome to GOOM! We are proud to introduce our new #GOOMLIVING initiative, where we invite our customers to share their unique GOOM bathroom decorations on social media using the hashtag #GOOMLIVING. Our goal is to build an inspiring GOOM community and celebrate our shared focus on practical, eco-friendly and affordable bathroom furniture.

We know that every bathroom and every customer is unique. With the #GOOMLIVING campaign we want to highlight your creativity and individual style. Share photos of your bathroom furniture and your unique decoration on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. Use the #GOOMLIVING hashtag to ensure we can see and share your posts.

We look forward to your designs, ideas and inspiration! Show us how you arranged and decorated your bathroom furniture to create a practical, eco-friendly and stylish bathroom. Whether it's minimalist accents, natural elements or creative solutions - let your imagination run wild and inspire others.

We'll be regularly sharing posts from the #GOOMLIVING community on our social media channels and to celebrate your creativity and style. Join us and become part of the growing GOOM community!