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Frequently asked questions from our customers including answers from us.

Order, delivery, shopping cart:

In which countries can I order products from GOOM?

        Deliveries to Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France can be easily made via the shop goomliving.com.

For all other countries, feel free to email us at service@goomliving.com and we'll set you up Offer including shipping and, if applicable, surcharges such as customs or other fees.

What does curbside delivery mean?

      That the goods are delivered to the apartment or to the property, but not to the final place (bathroom).

What should be considered when shipping by freight forwarder?

        Parcels up to 31.5kg and a girth of less than 3.60m are sent with a parcel service (DHL). Shipments that exceed this weight or girth will be sent with a forwarding agent.

The carrier will try to contact you to make an appointment for the delivery. For this purpose, we have sent the forwarding agent the telephone number you provided. If you cannot be reached on this number during the day, please contact us immediately. If you make an appointment, please allow for a time buffer.

Do I receive an order confirmation and shipping confirmation?

      After we have received your order, we will immediately send you an electronic confirmation of receipt of your order to the e-mail address you provided.

If you have not received this, please also check your spam folder.

You will also receive a written confirmation from us about the dispatch.

Customer account:

Do I have to register to place an order in the online shop?

      No, you don't have to. You can also place your order as a "guest" without any disadvantages.

If you registered, we would record your delivery address and order history for you.

Werden meine persönlichen Daten verschlüsselt übertragen? 

      Yes. For this we use the SSL procedure (Secure Socket Layer). All personal data that you send to us is only transmitted in encrypted form and cannot be viewed by third parties.

Products & Material:

Explanations on the material - mineral cast 

        Mineral casting is not just mineral casting, so you should find out exactly which material you are getting before you buy it. There are big differences in quality, finish and of course price, so here is some information that we hope will help you with your purchasing decision.

Mineral cast of acrylic resin

      Our mineral cast bathtubs are made from a mixture of high-quality acrylic resin (also known as PMMA) and aluminum hydroxide (ATH). This mixture is also referred to as pure acrylic, i.e. free of other composites that can have a negative effect on the product properties such as color fastness, resilience.

      Our Pure-Acrylic tubs are antibacterial thanks to the non-porous surface and have been tested for heat resistance up to 180°. The tub is also insensitive to large temperature fluctuations, "Term-Shock Resistant".

The composition of pure PMMA and ATH guarantees long-term color stability! Thanks to the consistent material, care is also easy. If there is any surface contamination, it can be easily cleaned using mild scouring agents or a scouring pad.

Polyester resin mineral casting

        If the acrylic resin is replaced by polyester resin in production, there is initially no visual difference. However, the above-mentioned positive properties of the Pure-Acrylic are no longer fulfilled and the tub discolours over time.

      Tubs made of polyester resin offer an advantage if they are to be colored on the outside. For coloring, the tubs are sprayed with a gel coat, for example, this is not possible on Pure-Acrylic tubs. Our black cast mineral tubs are therefore also made of polyester resin and not acrylic resin! You can immediately tell the difference by looking at the price, tubs made of polyester resin are significantly cheaper and sometimes have large differences in quality depending on the manufacturer.

Mineral cast made of artificial stone

        A third variant is also referred to as mineral casting, the term artificial stone would be more correct.

      Tubs or sinks made of artificial stone have a core made of a composite mixture and are only coated on the outside, e.g. also with gel coat. The advantage here is clearly the price, the core is cheap and, depending on the manufacturer, the coatings achieve positive surfaces. However, the positive properties of a pure acrylic tub are not achieved here either.

What do I do with damaged goods?

      If you find that your goods are broken upon delivery, please contact our service department. Send an email with photos of the damaged item and your order details to service@goomliving.com

One of our service employees will process your request and get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

How do I make a complaint?

      In the event of a complaint:

1.Please write down your order number

      2.Compose an email describing the problem you are having (insert your order number!)      

3. Attach photos of the defective goods to the mail

4.Send the mail to service@goomliving.com

     Our service department staff will get back to you as soon as possible.