Diese smarten Ideen helfen Ihnen bei der Gestaltung von kleinen Badezimmern. So schaffen Sie sich Ihre eigene kleine Wellness-Oase!

These smart ideas will help you design small bathrooms. This is how you create your own little wellness oasis!

These smart ideas will help you design small bathrooms. This is how you create your own little wellness oasis!

Large and luxurious bathrooms are a long-cherished dream for most people. You might be thinking of a beautiful, free-standing bathtub with high-quality pedestal fittings, a roaring fire, or other conveniences. Of course that would be a dream.

Have you ever wanted to make a small, semi-dark bathroom larger and more airy without taking any structural measures? Then you already know that small footprints and limited daylight can be a real challenge.

However, with a few little tricks you can turn a small, dark bathroom into a real oasis of well-being! And that without investing too much money. We want to show you how fantastically compact bathrooms can be designed.

How to turn a small wet room into your next favorite room!

1. Visually create more space with an oval bathtub

A free-standing oval-shaped bathtub creates the illusion of more depth in the room, even in small bathrooms. A flat shelf behind it for placing bath salts or plants underlines this effect and creates order.

2. Glass is a clever option

The use of walk-in showers is very beneficial. Deliberately use glass partitions to create a spacious ambience! The black frames of this shower ensure a modern design.

3. Wall fittings

Fittings and taps embedded in the wall save a lot of space and create a tidy overall picture, because the hoses and mixers have to be “hidden” in a large sink base.

4. Think like a design expert

Think like a design pro: Don't clutter small spaces with unnecessary items and furniture. In this case, less is more and ensures a pleasant, tidy overall picture. Ask yourself what you really need and use the right things. Concentrate on the essentials. For example, a very small shower room might have just a pedestal sink with no large vanity and a glass walk-in shower. The rum will appear significantly larger than using a shower curtain.

5. Use hanging cabinets

If storage space or a shelf for care utensils is required, wall-mounted washbasins are best. These are available in all sizes, colors and designs. They offer plenty of storage space and a great look for every bathroom size.

6. Smaller bathtub?

If you do not want to do without your bathtub, but a standard bathtub does not fit into the bathroom, the smaller-sized bathtubs are ideal for making the dream of a bathtub possible even in smaller rooms.


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